Visiting the Estate

The winery is open to visitors: every day, including weekends after prior communication

Arvanitidis Estate is located at Askos, a quiet picturesque village near Thessaloniki, on the eastern slopes of Mt Vertiskos, at an altitude of 500 m.

From our privately owned vineyard that covers an area of 7 ha, we produce wines that reflect the potential of indigenous Greek varieties as well as the proper adaption of cosmopolitan ones to the region’s terroir.

Wine production is taking place at the small, fully equipped winery, within the family estate, a lovely property with pine, flowers and an orchard, located at the edge of Askos village. The existing winery has a space for vinification and a separate one for the aging of the wines in oak casks.

A visit to Arvanitidis Estate will take you to a walk through the vineyard, a tour of the winery and a wine tasting.

Direct wine sale is also possible.